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More freedom and mobility during training - with seat-brake system

The tGo Gait Trainer by Thomashilfen puts the child and his/her needs front and center. Discrete technology and clear forms, combined with low weight and a dynamic seat give the child full freedom and mobility. Because of the rounded design it is possible to use the tGo even in the smallest of rooms.

The tGo‘s generous range of settings ensures a long service life. In addition, the innovative and flexible truss pads provide the highest possible individual adjustment for your child. If required, the truss pads can be easily expanded by the modular setup.

The necessary elements to support walking, such as a dynamic seat, the integrated parking and friction brake as well as the ideal seat braking system are also simple and functional. By concentrating on the main functions we are able to offer the tGo at an excellent price-performance ratio.

closed hubcaps

  • Reducing the risk of injury due to closed wheel covers

adjustable hand bow

  • Ergonomic adjustable hand bow, very simple and uncomplicated

Flexible pads

  • flexible pads can be individually and easily adapted and extended
Features & Highlights
  • optimal support with maximum use of the child's resources
  • large action radius and free field of vision promotes communication, interaction, playing and learning
  • without unnecessary movement restrictions
  • stable hold and very maneuverable - children feel safe and move quite carefree
  • easy adjustment, even while the child is standing in the walker
  • small wheels, no danger of jamming
  • lockable swivel wheels in front
  • with fixed brakes it can also be used as a standing trainer

Examples of functions

Dynamic saddle

supports the motion sequences and allows rotations of the body

Easy and simple

Individual setting options, very simple and uncomplicated

Flexible pads

Flexible pads for individual adjustments

Hand bow

Ergonomic adjustable hand bow, very simple and uncomplicated

Reduced risk of injury

Reduction of the risk of injury due to closed wheel caps

Slim frame

Slim frame for uncomplicated use

Grinding brake

Easy adjustment of the grinding brakes with the included tool

Technical data

Dimensions & Weights tGo - size 1
Seat height 25 - 60 cm / 10 - 24"
Overall dimensions (L x W) 83 x 54 cm / 33 - 21"
Saddle length 20 cm / 8"
Handle height 43 - 90 cm / 17 - 35"
Pelvic support height 40 - 75 cm / 16 - 30"
Wheel size Ø (front) 15 cm / 6"
Wheel size Ø (back) 20 cm / 8"
Weight 12,4 kg / 27.34 lbs
max. Nutzergewicht 40 kg / 88 lbs
Dimensions & Weights tGo - size 2
Seat height 25 - 80 cm / 10 - 31"
Overall dimensions (L x W) 92 x 65 cm / 36 - 26"
Saddle length 23,5 cm / 9"
Handle height 45 - 110 cm / 18 - 43"
Pelvic support height 40 - 95 cm / 16 - 37"
Wheel size Ø (front) 15 cm / 6"
Wheel size Ø (back) 20 cm / 8"
Weight 13,8 kg / 30.42 lbs
max. Nutzergewicht 45 kg / 99 lbs
  • Vertical handgrips, size 1 – 9800018950000

  • Vertical handgrips, size 2 – 9800018960000

  • Pipe for chest pad, 20 cm / 7.9" – 9800018980000

  • Pipe for chest pad, 30 cm / 11.8" – 9800018990000

  • Pipe for chest pad, 40 cm / 15.7" – 9800019000000

Standard features


subframe with parking brake and friction brake | height and angle adjustable handgrips | swiveling saddle (height and tilt adjustable) | pads for chest, trunk and pelvis | strap for chest pads | castoring front wheels with steering lock

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    FAQ – Frequently asked questions about tGo - Gehtrainer

    When do I need a gait trainer?
    A gait trainer is used as part of the child's physiotherapeutic treatment to promote walking ability and independence. We recommend the use of the rehaKIND survey form for the clear description and documentation of the aid to be provided. It gives you an overview of the classification of motor impairment according to the Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS).
    For which areas of care is the tGo suitable?
    The tGo gait trainer is essentially used to support or enable physiotherapeutic treatment of children and adolescents or to promote walking ability and independence in the home / preschool / school environment. The tGo enables the patient to assume a vertical position and thus interact independently in his social environment according to his possibilities. It serves both to learn / relearn a physiological gait pattern and to stabilize the circulation and prevent contractures.
    What should be the objective of the supply of the gait trainer, in general?

    Walking or learning to walk for:

    • children with movement development disorders
    • disturbance of the central nervous system (in case of malfunction or after infections / tumors)
    • post-traumatic / post-infectious conditions with disturbance of the musculoskeletal system, if necessary with dosed unloading
    • children with cerebral movement disorders (tetra-, di-, hemiparesis)
    • children with spina bifida
    • neurological diseases
    • craniocerebral injuries
    • muscle diseases (congenital / acquired / progressive)
    • diseases of nerve, muscle, bone metabolism
    Where can I use the walking trainer?
    The tGo is suitable for use to promote walking ability and independence in the home / preschool / school environment.
    What is the difference between a walking trainer & walking aid?

    Walking aids are assistive devices where the child does not need any other attachments, but primarily needs a securing function for support. The best known example is a "walker", which many are familiar with from rehab supplies for seniors.

    Walking trainers are aids in which individually adaptable accessories and support functions enable even children with greater motor deficits to walk Source: REHAkids-Wiki

    Is the gait trainer also safe?

    The design of the tGo was chosen to ensure that the patient remains in an upright position without tipping over. The torso is supported by individually angle-adjustable pads in the thorax and pelvis area, which can be lined up in any number. In this way, the principle of "as little as possible, as much as necessary" can be excellently implemented.

    Does the maximum permissible body weight have to be taken into account?

    Please always observe the maximum permissible body weight for using the tGo. You will find information in the instructions for use or on the type plate on the frame of the walking trainer. If the tGo is overloaded, connecting elements could break and subsequently cause your child to fall.

    How many years can I use the tGo?
    The tGo is suitable for reuse. However, this rehab product is subject to extraordinary stress. Based on market observations and the state of the art, we have calculated the product life to be 4 years, assuming proper use and including service and maintenance. Periods of storage at the specialized trade are excluded. With appropriate care and maintenance, the product is also reliable well beyond this period.
    Can I buy additional accessories for my tGo and where can I get them?
    Yes, you can obtain these from your medical supply store. The following accessories are available for the tGo: leg separation plate, pads for extension, seat brake system, pull bar and various handles.
    What is a dynamic saddle? Is it possible to fix it?
    The spring loaded dynamic saddle allows alternate walking, it can also be fixed if necessary. You can find instructions on how to do this in the enclosed user manual.
    When do I use a breast pad?
    The breast pad enables stabilization of the torso and upper body due to its individual and close-to-body adjustment of the pads.
    Why should I use swivel front wheels with steering stop?
    Steerable front wheels increase the maneuverability of the walking trainer. Optionally, they can be fixed with the steering stop. They are particularly suitable in the initial phase of gait training, as increased maneuverability here also requires a high level of coordination on the part of the child.
    Can I retrofit the pads?
    Yes, you can order them directly from your medical supply store. The individually available pads allow you to expand your tGo individually.
    What materials is the gait trainer made of?
    The components of the gait trainer are made of aluminum and plastic.
    What is a grinding brake? When do I use it?
    It slows down the child's speed, and is especially good for "fast" children. You can adjust it gradually in five positions, so you can adjust the smoothness of the wheels in accordance with the walking behavior of your child.
    Is the walking trainer also suitable for use in small rooms?
    The tGo is designed for safe indoor gait training for children. Its design makes it particularly suitable for use in living rooms. The rounded corners of the frame prevent jamming in the living space.
    Can I clean the tGo?
    You can wipe all parts of the tGo with a soft, if necessary damp cloth. For stubborn dirt, household cleaning agents and disinfectants can be used.
    The harness is getting too tight for my child. Do I need a larger gait trainer?
    No, you can use the pad system to flexibly adjust the number of pads to the child's needs.
    Can I remove the tGo back pad to allow the child to get in?
    To make it easier for the child to get into the tGo, the torso support can be quickly released via the clamping lever and pulled out to the rear. The depth of the torso pelotte pad can also be adjusted using the clamping lever. Make sure that the clamping lever is tightened again after each adjustment.
    When do I need to use a leg separation plate?
    A leg separation plate is used to prevent crossing of the feet/legs (e.g. in spasticity, contractures). It supports the physiological gait pattern. You will find further information on fitting the leg separation plate in the tGo operating instructions.
    Can I use the tGo without a hull support?
    We recommend using the tGo only with the torso pad installed. It provides additional support for torso control and prevents slipping out of the saddle.
    Can I adjust the walker to my child's needs myself?
    The settings/adjustments must always be made by trained or instructed specialists (e.g. medical product consultants from the medical supply retailer).
    My child often runs off much too fast and uncontrolled, what can I do?
    Use the tGo's integrated sliding brakes here. This function slightly brakes the wheels of the walking trainer during use. The resistances of the sliding brake can be selected individually. Please follow the instructions in the user manual.
    Can my child fall over with the walking trainer?
    The tGo has been tested for tip-over stability, however, you should not let your child walk in the tGo unsupervised. Furthermore, you should not use the tGo on uneven or steeply sloping ground.
    The child sits down while walking what can I do?
    The seat-brake system motivates the patient to take over most of his or her body weight, since the front wheels of the device are locked when the patient is lowered onto the saddle. The seat-brake system is available as an accessory and can be retrofitted to the tGo. Please follow the instructions in the user manual.
    How should I proceed if my child needs a new gait trainer?
    To select the right aid, you should contact your medical supply store. Together with the trained specialist staff, your child's needs will be analyzed.
    Can I also try out tGo at home or in an institution?
    Yes, you can test the tGo in an institution or after the settings of the tGo have been carried out by a therapist or a rehab consultant, free of charge and without obligation at your home. Here you can register for a test without obligation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Where can I get spare parts for the tGo walking trainer?
    Spare parts for the tGo are available. You can obtain them from your medical supply store.